Between the media of sculpture, graphics, collage and painting, Matthias Hintz has worked as a permanent mediation; this artist's talent lies in his mistrust against the pleasing and in its ability to synthesize.

Matthias Flügge,
Vice President of the Akademy of Art, Berlin

When Matthias Hintz left the GDR in 1987 before the Wall came down and went to Düsseldorf the art academy continued his studies with Günther Uecker, he had nothing in terms of craftsmanship to learn more. What Uecker, who joined the Zero Group around 1960, could still enable him was to mature into an artist personality. And Matthias Hintz succeeded. He has the Günther Uecker's artistic approach, for his structural, non-representational nail pictures is completely ignored. For this, Hintz has intensified its priority topic: the image of people in the affluent society.

Sylvia Martin,
Museum kunstpalast, Düsseldorf


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